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These are my current Homescreens on my iPhone 6s. Since last time I've decided to leave the iPad 3, which I own, out of this listing because I use it to watch videos and sometimes read books. It's good for traveling but not much else. Read more about my thoughts on Sweet Setup.

You can still view the previous homescreens: (iPhone, iPad, Mac)

Last Updated: 2016-08-08


Biggest Changes

  • New phone! One more row of icons.
  • I've tested Google Calendar recently and found it's a superb calendar app on iOS. It doesn't just use its own calendar, but integrates with all other iOS calendars.
  • iThoughts on iOS was not as good as I hoped, and I really like the collaboration in MindMeister.
  • I've moved from Downcast back to Pocket Casts but keep it on the phone because Pocket Casts does not provide a way to get the direct link to an episode, without using their stupid you-have-to-be-online-to-do-this landing page generator. I have a new mobile provider now too. It's Drillisch AG's WinSIM.


OS X Dock

Biggest Changes

Not much new, to be honest.