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Hi. I’m Andreas. This is my short comprehensive self-summary. I work as video producer; improving the world of explainer videos. Motion graphics design, interaction design, screencasting, and audio engineering are dear to my heart. People say I’m passionate, hardworking, down to earth. My focus is on quality, equality, and elegance. I have a dedicated projects page.

My biggest management hero is Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece. Monkey is light-hearted, doesn’t take himself too seriously, but has a great goal — to become the biggest pirates of all. But him? Laughable! Despite all laughing Luffy consistently proves that he’s got his shit together. And that’s what I like.

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Why Monkey D. Luffy Is My Biggest Hero

This is a repost of a posting I did on my old blog. It feels appropriate to have this here because Monkey is so prominently featured here. In case you have read the old version, it is probably not worth your time to read this again.

A couple of weeks ago I started watching one of my favorite TV series of all times: One Piece. zCasting 3000 is the thing that I spend many hours building. How is this place going to be like? I recalled One Piece that I used to watch when I was 17 or so. What I liked about One Piece was not just the story, but the way the main character, Monkey D. Luffy, approaches his goal of becoming the king of pirates.

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We’re living in the mobile future. This future is bright, colorful, endless but also very limited to one screen only. This is the screen of your phone. This phone rings for attention – constantly. It wants to tell you when something new is happening.

In this post I want to argue that modern technology is not so useful to us anymore. We have surpassed the time where computers were built to “work for us”. It is evident now that computers won’t do the work for us. They can do only parts of our work, but they can’t replace the entirety. We’ve tried it.

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Workflow Workflows

Workflow for iOS has quickly become one of my favorite automation apps on my iPhone. I have never been very happy with Launch Center Pro because setting up URL’s always sounded like shit work to me. Workflow does away with all the URL nesting and complicated escaping, or not escaping. It comes with the drawback that the app is really slow, but that outweighs the annoying fiddling with URL’s that just don’t want to work.

This post lists some of my favorite workflows.

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How to Roll Multiple Projects in Multiple Companies

If you are like me, you’ve got more than one thing cooking. I’m always involved in multiple projects. Especially now as my newer(ish) role as producer, I’m getting involved with existing projects, and I get to see how other folks decided to plan and produce a show. That’s common in the creative industry, and for the past two years I’ve come up with a system that works so incredibly well that I want to share it with you.

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Open iOS Tab on a Mac

This is going to be a quickie, since I’ve posted it so often in the post. Let me describe the problem, and then the solution.

Do you also have those moments where you quickly want to open a specific link/page/tab/whathaveyou on your Mac? Without iCloud? Something that works?

Well, then. This is for you.

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Day One Automation

Day One (iOS, Mac) is a nice journaling app that I like to use to collect quotes, as well as my life log. Recently I’ve been trying to “optimize” a couple of things, which means I’ve been removing and automating stuff.

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The Wait, the Rut, and the Free Fall

Photo credit: Blue Silhouette

When was the last time you’ve been waiting for the ideal moment? The right moment to tell someone you’d like to work with them. The right time to tell someone you like them. The right time to split up. The right time to start a new business. The right time to ask your boss for a raise.

We always wait for the perfect situation to do these things. When the moment eventually comes we’re going to see it, and then we can ask, or act.

The problem is, the ideal moment never comes. It’s never the right time to split up. It’s never the right time to quit a safe job and do your own thing.

One could say he or she is waiting to have an exact amount of money on their bank account. Because only when that money is available, they can feel secure enough to take the plunge. But every time they are short, that money needs to be invested, e.g. a car repair.

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Share Location on iOS

I’m often annoyed that I can’t share my location universally from my mobile device. It seems ridiculous but you can’t generate a thing on an iOS device that universally translates to Android or some other user’s (maps) preferences.

Luckily Drafts 4 has a some new tags to read the geo coordinates.

Execute the action, the current draft will not be affected, and your current raw latitude and longitude coordinates are on the clipboard. You can send this to anyone and they can just paste the coordinates into their maps app, and they know where you are. Demo with Google Maps and Apple Maps:

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This action has one clipboard action with the following content:


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Adults & Games

Photo credit: I love fall.

Games. They are for kids, right?

I don’t believe in this anymore. I believe that we humans never really stop playing. As some often say “the games change, when we get older”. But that’s not the main point of this post. Yes, they do change, but that’s all natural. This post is about the games that we used to play, when we were kids, that we now don’t play anymore. The literal games. Running, nagging each other, pulling hair, building sandcastles, and even computer games. There’s probably even sex somewhere between these lines.

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