About Me

This is what I do.

Well, this is me. My name is Andreas Zeitler. I am the founder of zCasting 3000. We're the makers of great audio and video content for big and small corporates. I work as producer, sometimes motion designer, sometimes audio engineer. Media is something dear to my heart. People say I’m passionate, hardworking, down to earth. My focus is on quality, equality, and elegance.

I chose this business because I've been making music ever since I can think. I started making weird noises at the age of 11 with two portable CD players, and tracker software. I later got a bachelor's degree in Audio Engineering, and a master's in Sonic Art.

Since 2010 I am the chief of zCasting 3000 -- a video and audio production company. We help companies realize their online media projects. I also give speeches, lectures, and work as a coach.

My podcast is Der Übercast. We're a bunch of nerdy folks talking about technology. We have a great community. Consider sponsoring us, you'll not regret it!

My biggest hero is [Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece][2]. Monkey is light-hearted, doesn’t take himself too seriously, but has a great goal — to become the biggest pirates of all. But him? Laughable! Despite all laughing Luffy consistently proves that he’s got his shit together. And that’s what I like.